“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Johan Morreau - the disenfranchised

Hilary Butler - Sunday, October 16, 2016

Johan, according to your youtube presentation, the solution is better organised nanny state. You show us pictures of the connected babies, and say that these pictures were taken in Amsterdam, Holland where the family had a child nurse 8 hours a day teaching her parents how to respond to her needs and how to organise their home. Of course. Parents are dumb, right?

What you neglect to say is that the Holland scheme is an OPT IN scheme, which offers a raft of other programmes which the NZ parliament would never agree to, but are far more valuable than the "8-day care.    

I know people in Holland, and asked them about this service. Yes, it's there if mothers want it, but most thinking parents usually part way with this system within 48 hours because their advice can be laughable. And frankly, most parents don't need to be taught how to organise their houses or lives, and neither do they need to be taught how to respond to their child's needs. However, one thing Dutch parents don't like, is the huge emphasis that all mother must be back at work when their babies are 1 year old. They tell me lots of stories of distraught stressed babies basically torn away from parents, who do not cope with that separation.

Are you wanting that too Johan?

Then as if 8 hours a day for a week has any relevance, . . . as if Northern Europe is some utopia to show up New Zealand's failure, you say, "A country like Holland is closing it's prisons, at a time when New Zealand is building them."

Such a remarkable assumption.

Simple as that?

Did you only read the first bit of this article Johan? Err...isn't that called cherry-picking? 

Because if you did, then you missed these bits. 

" However one Dutch MP Nine Kooiman, told Telegraaf newspaper: “If the government really worked at catching criminals, we would not have this problem of empty cells.”

Frans Carbo, head of FNV, said there was another story. “The ministry puts everything down to a decrease in crime in the Netherlands, partly related to the ageing population,” he said. “Actually, the ministry of security and justice is already cutting back and reorganising the whole chain. This starts with police, where reorganisation is failing, so they are not as good at detection and a lower percentage of crime is solved than ever before…"

So maybe, it's not quite so simple.  Shame about the police force losing it's crime solving ability.  Even though Holland is a big brother state which tracks its citizens on data bases which you apparently envy, the Netherlands is also, in other regards, a very permissive and liberal society which allows many things in society, which would land New Zealanders in jail.  In Europe, women had much more political input, and jail policies have long been very different to our.  While one jail might have been made into a tourist hotel, in others, business is booming as those prisons contract to take prisoners surrounding countries that still have a compentent police force.

The declining numbers of Dutch prisoners in Dutch prisons, might have nothing at all to do with eight days of a state mandated nurse giving state-mandated sound bites.  It might be that definitions of crime are different, sentencing policies are different and rehabilitation more successful.  But it also might have everything to do with the ability of a new IT breed of more intelligent, totally cyber-savvy criminals who now easily outwit the police.

Criminals, all over the world, are turning to cyber crime, because the tools are now there to do it so easily, and not get caught doing in-the-flesh crime.

But the rhetoric fits your clarion call, because your ideas are basically all based on more money for your systems:

• Big Brother: community child health services are seriously underdone.
• Big Brother: antenatal education is almost unavailable to those families that need it most.
• Big Brother: we don't have the midwives, child health nurses, social workers to identify and support the families that need it.
• Bigger Brothers united: all our services need to work really well together.
• More money for Big Brother: We need to throw more money at the issues.
• Big Brother prohibition: reduce access to alcohol, cut methamphetamines off at the border is critical. (as if prohibition ever worked, right? who exactly runs the NZ meth factories Johan?)
• Big Brother: sorting poverty in New Zealand's increasing gap between rich and poor is critical.
(Read your own history Johan... start with Macleans 1964 book ("Challenge for Health, a History of Public Health in New Zealand), and consider just what has REALLY made the biggest improvements in the past.
• Big Brother: sorting housing is critical.
• Big Brother. Children's ministry with aspiration and responsibility to sort this.
• Big Brother: children's minister to be front bench minister of finance.
• Big Brother: Treasury can help to sort this.
• Big Brother: Banks and corporations legislated to "give back" to a country and the communities that they benefit from.

According to my analysis , neither the banks or corporations benefit from the marginalised community group who, according to you, have nothing to spent and no homes to live in. Perhaps the money grabbing legislation should be directed at the drug smugglers, the millions of forced "entitled family" payments to Samoa/Tonga - and other "elements" who leach the money and soul out of these groups?

Perhaps you should just say it as it really is: You expect the law-abiding, hard working taxpayers who responsibly look after their own families, to be doubly taxed so as to pick up the tab for all those who can't, or won't. That's what it amounts to, because you know full well that corporations and banks, simply pass the costs on, and their profits never blip.

Neither is there any recognition of the responsibility of previous generations of families of these parents who don't make the grade, to have an active part in solving the problems they created. Where are they held accountable or being "educated" in all this?

Big Brother: Can we have a plan - a 10-yr plan for maternity, for your people for children that crosses all the political boundaries, and outlives the political cycle beyond our three years?

Seriously, Johan, what country are you living in? Hasn't New Zealand had to suffer the last 36 plus years at the hands of ineffective long term maternity/birth/CYPS plans crafted by you lot, which dragged on way too long after the horse was dead while you kept flogging it and saying, "give it time, it will work"?

Then you say, "When you go home, go and talk to your politicians. Make sure they understand the seriousness of the issues and that they commit to THE SOLUTIONS.... it's going to take an "all-of-the-country" approach to solve the first thousand days."

Everything in your impassioned plea, adds up to more money for you, for big brother boys, for monitoring services to teach parents you portray as dumb and in need of education.

Never once in all this rhetoric was there any mention of where the real solutions lie, nor was there any dawning in your consciousness that YOU and all the systems you have previously put in place, are part of the problem.

Not once is there consideration for research into the real reason as to WHY there is a housing shortage, and what really lies behind that. That might have everything to do with political policies which encourage the buying up of properties, and inflating the prices of them for their own gain.

But even worse, never ONCE in your rhetoric, and ideas, was there any thought of, mention of... ... God forbid .... asking the major stakeholders of this country - mother and fathers, . . . what THEY NEED.

Sitting down and talking to them. I understand your reticence, because you might discover one size does not fit all, and your ideas are extremely simplistic. Not once do you ask: "How has the medical model failed you?"

AS in the 1980s, your kite is just another idea to get more money to enforce more control, compliance and conformity. You have embraced consultation with Maori and organisations - because you see that as your “solution” to problem children. Is it?

The last big elephant in your room, is that there is no analysis, discussion with, or the embracing of the needs or aspirations of the people you don’t see in your clinic, who are equally disenfranchised. They love their children…. who also happen to matter.

Like the teacher focusing on problem children, your focus is on the tiny minority. The solutions you cite to solve that problem parents will not be welcomed by the ignored majority who don’t need even the present big brother breathing down their necks.

Your solutions, Johan, are all about the medical model, that can only be achieved through the dollar sign. It looks like its about money, to achieve your goals, your standards... and satisfying your theories, and dare I say it - making a name for yourself?

You ignore the mother's integrity and heart. You censor information. You regularly negate the right to decide, and treat those whose choice is not yours, as criminals. You ignore a mother's right not to be bullied.

You don't consult with us.

You don't "hear" us.

When will you ever learn?

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Johan Morreau - the ugly

Hilary Butler - Sunday, October 16, 2016

Johan Morreau. Let's talk about the real elephant - the reality you sweep under the carpet.

. You say, "I'll never forget a child I once saw. Dad was at home looking after this baby of just a few months of age, mum was at the supermarket. The child was crying CONSTANTLY. he was holding the baby like this. The child was crying and he couldn't cop, and he shook the child (light shake). The child continued to cry. he shook the child again. The child went pale, stopped crying, and a few minutes later, had a convulsion. He brought the kiddie straight to the hospital. When I explained to him that his child had just had a brain bleed, he leant over his baby and he wept, and he wept. No-one had taught him how to deal with the situation he found himself in. I wonder if he had ever met a child health worker."

Let's analyse this. The unspoken message is: Shaken baby syndrome because dumb dad caused a brain bleed with that little jiggle you demonstrated.

Typical medical assumption. There are a few problems with that assumption. If that baby was on your watch, why do you "wonder"? Shouldn't you know the care provided to that baby?

For a mother to go to a supermarket alone without her baby tells me one thing. That baby had been screaming, not just for an hour. Or even an hour or two. That baby was probably a vaccinated SERIAL screamer.

So let me ask you some questions. Was the baby a premie baby, born under your watch?

Was that premie baby immediately cord clamped by you, depriving it of stem cells and the blood it so desperately needed to have a better start?

Did you load that premie baby with vitamin K immediately at birth?

Have you ever wondered why it is, Johan, that all babies are born with low vitamin K? Or do you just assume it's a mistake, and that every baby must immediately have it's blood made many times thicker than that of an adult? Did you know that low vitamin K levels is a trigger to switch on the body and brains ability to mobilise stem cells, to fix damage which is inevitable during birth? And that by whacking in vitamin K that actually, you just might PUT some babies at risk in a way you have not thought about before?

Was that mother told her breast-milk wasn't good enough, so that in NICU you could use fat-enriched formula on the monstrous myth that that is much better for a premie? Did that baby also get serial clusterbomb antibiotics, because - as we all know - formula often leads to necrosing enterocolitis in neonatal units?

Did that formula, then antibiotics, also lead to microbiome destruction, disabling the normal immune system priming of that baby and leaving him behind the 8-ball from then on?

Even if the mother maintained any semblance of breastfeeding, was her diet so inadequate that her vitamin D levels were rock bottom, and vitamin C levels undetectable, so she didn't have in her, what it takes to make healthy breast milk? Do you talk to your parents about REAL health, Johan? 

If that baby had everything I wrote above, done to it, then that baby's bones weren't laying the collagen down properly, the collagen throughout the body was poorly knit and the whole vascular structure fragile and at risk.  And if that baby was fully formula fed, were they using the cheapest one they could afford and watering it down too much? You have to know, as a paediatrician, that weight and height charts only tell you about chubb, NOT about what's really going on inside a baby.

Did you do full skeletal xrays looking for Harris lines, bucket fractures and all the other tell tale signs that Emery so passionately explained in the older medical literature when he proved that the VAST majority of babies THEN called SIDS, (but who would now be called "Shaken babies") were malnourished even in utero?

Did you just blame a father for Shaken Baby Syndrome, because your conformed thinking means you didn't do the tests needed on the baby or the mother to discover that actually YOU were asleep on your watch?  Do you think that had you been awake on your watch, that not only could that baby have still been alive but the father wouldn't be living with your accusations that he had ignorantly killed his own baby?

That's another elephant in the room isn't it. It's not just parental ignorance, its paediatric assumption, leading to a circus investigation, which results in a pre-ordained judgement. As Emory said, you can't get the right answers, if you ask the wrong questions.

You talk about suicide rates and going back into NEWBORN NOTES and finding that the situation was predictable, and preventable. Predictable by who and preventable by what?

Johan, since 1981, every few years you guys present parliament with your latest and greatest green paper on children's issues with plans to "fixitall". I've read them all. And made submissions to most. Every single one of them misses the point and ultimate misses the mark, as you have pointed out. You no doubt put your two cents worth into all that lot as well. Think of the flip-flops and roundabouts, that culminated in CYPS which is now about to be disembowelled - because it's unworkable. What do you have to show for your previous ideas, other than a serial "fail"?

To be continued - Part 4.  Continue Reading

Johan Moreau: the elephant.

Hilary Butler - Sunday, October 16, 2016

Johan Morreau: You talk about US going to our politicians and asking them to commit to THE SOLUTIONS. The “elephant in the room” according to Johan Morreau. Presumably… “the solutions” that you espouse. You use the term “we”, therefore I am assuming that you are speaking on behalf of your colleagues and the system, and that the presentation isn’t just your personal opinion.

You say, this needs to be an “all-of-the-country” solution.

Don’t you think , therefore, that your first move should be consultation with “the-whole-of-the-country”?

What about sit down with people like me and discuss the problems in the medical model that are already identified? Are you willing to do that? And maybe considering a local trial, to see whether or not empathy, compassion and connection can start first, in your house?

We have plenty to discuss. First your satisfied youtube review of the medical model:  ( transcript )

"In health we've done lots of good things:
1) Improved standards of care in our maternity hospitals:

Hmmm.... good things... improved. Ummmm. For whom? The nurses? The doctors?

Every email or message I've had says it's worse in 2016, not better. Even midwives are disgusted at your comments.

2) Our newborn department.

What planet do you live on? Since I hit the publish button on the first blog I've been deluged with ongoing dramas ranging from the fact that Motueka maternity hospital does NOT allow skin-to-skin except for brief breast-feeding, to a family, in a mainstream hospital with a baby forced onto IV antibiotics on the say-so of a doctor. Not one symptom of significance, no fever, just episodic heavy breathing ONLY when the baby is separated from the mother and forced into the hospital plastic baby holder. No consideration that the problem might be a version of separation anxiety.

3) Our surgical care of children is fantastic.

I will give you a bit on this one. Comparing what is done now, with what was done in 1981, SOME things are better. At least no-one is now told, as I was told, that "newborns don’t feel pain" Remember that day? You were standing there, when the head paediatrician said that, and you didn't even wince. However, today, newborns are traumatised by far more tests, tubes and assaulted with vaccines because you think it's good for them, YET before babies are vaccinated, NICU is warned because you know that after you give sick babies vaccines, particularly premies, your staff are going to get extra practice with bradycardia, oxygen sats dropping, breathing irregularities and monitors going off twice as often. But that doesn't matter does it. Policy is what matters.

4) Care of children with cancer is beautifully done.

Again, is that your view, or the children’s' views? Parents are basically held hostage to a system and know no different. But I will give you one thing. The support services are very compassionate, because they know that the most likely outcome WILL be death.

5) Immunisation has changed the face of child health medicine. We don't see a fraction of the sick, dying and damaged children that we used to.

I have three views on that Johan.

First, I have the mortality and morbidity data available since 1872, therefore know the facts, and you are dreaming. Do you realise that the NUMBERS of NZ cases of polio in this country between 1872 and today just about matches the number of cases of preventable medical error you guys cause in 18 months? Do you realise that the numbers of polio deaths equates from 1872 - today, equates to the number of preventable medical error deaths in this country in 3 months? My grandparents and parents lived through the worst of the polio outbreaks. I was born in the middle of on, and not one person in our extended family actually got clinical polio, but, as your literature admits…. most got natural immunity.

Oh but Hilary, you're talking pears and apples. Really? Not really. The crux is – what caused the most damage in each era. So, we’ve got rid of polio. But what are the real dangers to us, and our children in 2016? You.

The fact of the matter is that in this country, someone going into hospital now, has around a 1 in 20 chance of coming out with an additional problem caused by you guys doing something wrong. I know. I've seen that happen too. Personally I’d rather take my chances with Polio, because in New Zealand, the published nicely rounded out, estimated risks used to be one per 2,000 to get sick and 1 person out of each hundred sick people, ended up with paralysis.

When my son was in ICU for a week as an adult, THREE other patients were there at the same time because of preventable medical error committed in the previous few weeks. Whether they got into the data-base detailing your mistakes is another matter. And if it hadn’t have been for my eagle eyes, my son could have landed up joining them.

And that's another thing. You know, don't you, that the data for your preventable medical error, nosocomial infections etc, aren't publically available? When I asked the Statistics department why, I was told that "it might confuse people". In what way, Johan?

Secondly, since I first met you in 1981, there have only been subtle infection shifts... like Hib - a bit of pneumococcal, and measles. You say it’s changed the face of child health medicine. True. Now you have a generation with such serious chronic and allergic illnesses, that you’re running out in circles with no real solution to offer.  Have you thought about why it is that acute disease has been swapped for chronic ill-health?

In the time you've been a paediatrician, whooping cough has increased hugely, and the small drop in the other infectious diseases has been replaced by an explosion in MRSA - largely of your making - cellulitis, child cancer, child chronic diseases of rates never seen when you first studied paediatrics. In fact, children's hospitals are still run off their feet with infections in fully vaccinated children, which are actually getting worse and harder to treat, like childhood cellulitis. Isn't that right? I have plenty of nurse friends, who give me running monologues.

Another thing they tell me is that many of these problems stem - not from the government funded systems not working properly, but from parents who think that daily nutrition is comprised of a meal balanced on the knee. Twisties, lollies, white bread and coke. Even worse are the streams of intelligent people posting pictures of what is supposed to pass for hospital nutrition, on Facebook. It seems you guys have no clue of nutrition, so what incentive do parents have to change their ways?

Since 1981, it's been my experience that you rarely see the children of responsible parents who understand nutrition except for accidents - but the irony is - and please tell me if I'm wrong - the vast majority of your patients in your hospital are fully vaccinated good little medical doggies. Right? Who all have no clue what real health is all about, because neither do you.

6)  Then you say, "So you would think we would feel pretty good about this, and we sort of do, but there's an elephant in the room"

So plainly you do feel good about how the system operates today. Delusion number one. The real elephant is the one you studiously ignore.

Then you show us pictures of babies, uncles, fathers and connections. (All white pictures. Why is that?) You talk about love and connection from the first day of conception through 1,000 days that grows and develops an infant's brain. That their primary attachment figure is their mum, and they will learn empathy and understanding etc etc. (transcript) Then you say, "We in child health are increasingly seeing the impacts of poverty - financial poverty, poverty of parenting, poverty of spirit and hope... struggling stressed tired parents - no time to give to their children. Often young, sometimes addicted, lacking their own parental models and lacking parental support.”

Now, I agree about this current generation. Their own parents are often addicted to TV and video games, and ignored them, so it’s little wonder their primary linkage is IT. These kids don't connect well face to face, and even in their own groups primarily converse phone to phone. Take them out in the bush where there is no wifi and they cremate emotionally, because they have no idea how to survive without their blue screens.

Bullying is rife. Ignorance is rife. They are fearful to the max because they are ignorant which is actually good for you because you can scare the pants off them once they are in your office and they buy it, hook, lie and stinker. You actually like this malleable group because they don't give you much trouble. They just roll over and do what you say. It’s the ones in this group that are also drug addicted and have gone off the rails that are the real problem, right? And most of their children are fully vaccinated. Ironic really.

Some of those less addicted to their Ipads, are instead, addicted to their friends, coffee cliques and live off the backs of the opinions of their groupies. You like this group too, because they also just do what you say as well.

The group you really hate though, (and hardly ever see, but blame for all your immunisation woes) are people like me. Who brought our kids up in the garden and the mud - who fed their children really well, so that when they did get sick it was nuisance value only. No, we didn't vaccinate.

Neither did we put our children into school where you have so sneakily corrupted the hearts and minds of the children and teachers, by acting as vaccine and thought police .

At first our kids may have thought they were deprived, but as time went on they realised the plus side of not being forced into your moulds. They achieved things that wouldn't have been possible if we'd put your handcuffs and balls and chains on their thinking processes.

7) You say, "No money means accessing health care is difficult"

For us, "No money” meant finding easier and better ways to heal our children. “No money” gave incentive to find answers "outside of the mould", even if wooden apple boxes were part of our furniture.

8) You say, "Food is often inadequate". Well, that's sort of right and wrong.

Right, in that often these parents are ignorant and think that junk food wouldn't be sold if it wasn't good for you. Food for their children COULD be adequate, but often these parents priorities go like this: Drugs, alcohol, smokes, disposable nappies ... oh.. and the cheapiest food they can buy.

The ultimate drug addicted "ME" generation which has accidental "add-on" children, who just don't feature in their priorities, are your problem children.

And just like the problem kids in the classroom who suck up 90% of the teachers attention leaving everyone else ignored, these parents also suck up 90% of your attention, leaving the silent ones ignored. The problem is that the numbers of those who have lost the plot, is starting to grow alarmingly. Their parents are truly on a planet of their own.

But so are you on another planet, because you are the system and you still think the system can fix it. The problem is the elephant in the room isn’t the one you think it is.

To be continued -  Part Three. Continue Reading

Which elephant is that, Johan Morreau???

Hilary Butler - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Johan Morreau.  (Part 1 of a FOUR part series) Yes, I watched your 3rd October 2016 Ted talk.

But guess what. You (both "you" personally and "you" the medical system) missed one group you don't talk about, yet it's a very big issue.  It seems to me "you" are only looking through reductionist narrow blinkers.  The elephant in the room isn't just "connection and protection" of the groups you describe, in the way you describe. There is more than one way to be deprived of "connection and protection".

The biggest ignored elephant in the room, sits in YOUR room; YOUR system, and is YOUR problem. Are you too scared to look at it Johan? 

You probably don't remember me, Johan.  You, and Elizabeth Wilson, were involved in my first labour and delivery in Middlemore. You were personally "charged" with explaining to me what would happen to my son after birth, while I was in active labour, in a situation that would become a total nightmare of medical mismanagement.

Neither you nor Elizabeth made any attempt to support me, or my son in the face of a brutal senior paediatrician on a power trip, whose aim was NOT the protection of my child. Seemingly you were too scared of him, to be a human.  Continue Reading