“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within...”
Romans 12:2

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Fake bait on a plate.

Hilary Butler - Sunday, June 18, 2017

You know, Lance, initially as I read your latest Stuff.co article, I thought, “My, this man has finally learned some grammar and vocabulary of excellence". But then, as I read on, and compared it to the style used in your book, it dawned on me that you can’t have written this all on your own. Someone with a bit of science, and better grammar than you, added key stuff in here. But that someone didn’t realise how badly they have just shot themselves in the foot. And you wouldn’t have picked that up, because … well… you don’t know the facts or science in order to spot the mistakes, do you?

So let me show you a few bloopers which escaped your bullshit radar.

First up, in 1996, IAS never wrote a pamphlet with “Netherlands” in it, and sure never left anything in a lecture room at any medical school in this country. Second up, most vaccine studies used to justify past and current vaccines aren't studied in communities that look like ours either. Since there was nobody else doing anything in 1996 where did you get this mythical pamphlet from, Lance?

And later you say:

Causing illness and misery? In vaccinated children? Again, seeding minds that the unvaccinated are walking germ cesspits.  You . . . "wanted to believe"? Are we talking about someone training to evaluate fact? No Lance. Now, you are really insulting the intelligence of those who know. You never signed up for the IAS quarterly magazine, because if you had, you would have been far too well-educated to come out with moronic statements like the above. We don’t “believe”. We KNOW. We don’t not vaccinate on the basis of a non-existent pamphlet, and even if there is a pamphlet, those who place a premium on truth view any pamphlet as suspicious, and look deeper afterwards.

Why? Because immunisation is so complicated, that the issue can't be told in a pretty coloured folded piece of paper. That is why most of us think that the Department of Health vaccination pamphlets aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

You never found a brochure in a medical school lecture room, because there was no “Netherlands” pamphlet, and IAS were always “personas never gratis”. In 1990 I had delivered a talk on smallpox to the medical school academics which made them realise that I knew the science from their own medical library, and FOR that reason, I was, and continue to be a threat to their sound bites.

Furthermore, in all the years that I settled into solid study in Auckland Medical school’s Philson medical library, between 1982 to now, once key personnel knew what my mission was, the ONLY time I was treated with any respect was in the holidays when medical students manned the facility to give the fire-breathing desk dragons time off. To certain librarians, I was 'the enemy', and help was often refused. However, that was all to the good, because it meant that on my own, I learned what was in every nook and cranny of the then three floors of that information resource.

Now, the NEW Philson medical library is not nearly as useful a resource. Barriers have been erected to make it very hard for members of the public to find what they need, which means that it’s also not quite so easy for medical students. But that just means everyone has to be more resourceful.

Next, you resort to the lies of emotional blackmail.  Using inflated language you say (cue in victorious violin music): "In the FACE of SUCH overwhelming evidence of the BENEFIT of immunisation and the DRAMATIC REDUCTION in life-ending, or life-altering medical conditions . . .

The only problem is that the wool-pulling-over-the-eyes writer above, chose the wrong disease. Listen well, Lance. NO whooping cough vaccine in this country hast made any difference in terms of circulating bacteria. How did you miss out reading Professor Grant’s 2013 expert review on pertussis or the Immunisation Handbooks from 1993 to now? Haven't you kept up with the ESR whooping cough reports? Don't you know all the other published papers and Department of Health Graphs which prove that the whooping cough incidence in this country, is worse than before a vaccine was used? Where is your data showing that the vaccine has DECREASED the death rates in babies? You don't have it, do you? But I do, and you're wrong. Even worse, among the Department of Health graphs here, the 6th graph down shows an 8-fold increase in hospitalisations of babies under one year old between 1966 and 1996, a trend which has not diminished. And it's the failure of the whooping cough vaccines to achieve their stated aim, which has fuelled the idea of vaccinating every pregnant women with a Tdap every pregnancy. We wouldn't be vaccinating pregnant women, supposedly to protect newborn babies from whooping cough, if there WAS decades of  overwhelming evidence of the dramatic reduction in life-ending or life-altering medical conditions. Or can't you see that? 

Then you say that one year after your daughter was fully vaccinated….

So . . . fully vaccinated, and despite your “pride” here is your daughter . . . sick. If it wasn't Haemophilus Influenza that caused her periorbital cellulitis, what did Lance? Starship should have told you. It’s notable that you did NOT tell US. It is also notable that this seminal incident is nowhere to be found in your book and yet, here you tell it as if it is a landmark of self-validation.

Now we come to your biggest scientific blooper of all:

So, up until now . . . .

You’ve told all your Northland patients the LIE, that the reason Merck's Gardasil is given to a 12-year old, is that little’ole HPV sits there silent with a sign on its forehead, saying, “I won’t do anything until Dick puts his whatsit in Jane.” Right?

Oh, but now . . . you introduce CHILDREN dying from an obstructive warty mass in their throats from childbirth . . . ? Presumably from MOTHERS who have genital warts? How frequent is that? Aren't warty throat masses supposed to be a disease of older people who get HPV from kissing or oral sex? You’ve let the cat out the bag Lance. THAT little admission of yours above, is a major major OOPS. How are you going to explain to parents with no genital or vaginal warts, how the HPV 16 and 18 got into their children’s warty throat growths, when up to now, everyone has been told HPV isn’t an issue until adolescents have sex?

From One Prick to Another (2008) has several chapters on HPV and Gardasil in it, clearly laying out that HPV can be transmitted vertically from Mother to baby, horizontally from father to child and from sibling to sibling, and detailing the Finnish research which shows that HPV is spread in families. Yes, the anti-vaccine already knew this and more, before the vaccine was licensed.

We also know that the HPV strains 16 and 18 are regularly detected from the removed TONSILS of toddlers, when pathologists bother to look for it. Yes, Lance it’s ALL THERE, in the medical literature, that HPV can hit any age group.

There are at least three PMID numbers of studies published before Merck's Gardasil was marketed, warning that the use of cherry-picked incomplete data as public propaganda, was a potential recipe for disaster.

There was one comment under the Stuff.co article from another of your colleagues who didn’t know about vertical transfer. She probably doesn't know about the Finish family research either.

To people like me, that’s no shock.

In fact, it's not even the WHOLE story, is it? How is Merck's Gardasil going to eradicate HPV strains already in children?  Particularly when Merck's Gardasil does not have life-long efficacy, and causes an immunological problem termed original antigenic sin, which encourages other HPV strains to take over? Yes, that's in the medical literature as well.

Moving on….

So now the silencing, threatening or bribing of scientists or doctors doesn't exist? Will you tell me that Merck creating and using a hit list to harass clinical researchers, and silence doctors speaking out against Vioxx, is the only example of Merck's lack of ethics? At this point it’s useful to deal with an issue that neither you, nor your cloned colleague Helen Petousis-Harris appear to understand. And that is that sometimes it IS only one scientist who stands between the public and a nasty something . . . This woman below is Dr Kelsey:

But Helen Petousis-Harris, in a recent interview said this:

So much bull here too. But I will deal with her bull, another day. Helen considers this to be "the success of the FDA". An example of how the system always works. She is wrong, and she is dangerously ignorant. So let me re-educate her, and you in the process.

If the FDA had been a group of heroes, they would all have been awarded medals.

The TRUTH is that Dr Kelsey was one of 12 assessors, working under the head of the FDA. But regarding thalidomide, Kelsey stood ALONE. None of the other eleven FDA co-workers thought she was reasonable, because she was going on 'gut instinct' and not fact. Every other country considered thalidomide research to be impeccable. It had been studied in so many different animals. Dr Kelsey was seen by the industry as totally unreasonable. Why should one woman in the USA be an outlier? How DARE she buck the rest of the world??!!!??!!!!!

The manufacturers put inordinate behind-the-scenes pressure on her through her colleagues and through her boss, but she refused to buckle. How do I know? Well, I’m an old biddie, Lance, who happened to know some of Dr Kelsey’s FDA colleagues from the 1970s and 1980s. Dr Kelsey was always modest, and she also knew that if she wanted to keep her job at the FDA she had to suck up the fact that the MEN around her were not as supportive as they should have been. To her credit, she didn't stick the knife in them. As your article and Helen’s blog admirably illustrate, just because you have a name doesn’t mean your assumptions hold water. You assume that doctors and scientists can’t be silenced. They can be, and they are.

I do use Dr Kelsey as an example of ONE scientist who stood against collegial and peer pressure. Like Thompson, she could have caved. Conversely, William Thompson COULD have been a 'Kelsey', but instead he allowed himself to be roped in, tied up and silenced. Today, there can be no 'Dr Kelsey' in either the FDA or the CDC. Medico-politics of today leave little room for that kind of individual scientific integrity.

This is why the secret recordings upon which the film VAXXED is based are important. This is why police put decoy prisoners in the slammer. The police know that often, people only talk when they think no-one that matters, is listening.

Seems to me that both you and Helen Petoussis-Harris have a lot of real history and medical science to catch up on. Perhaps you should start here, with this series.  You will find the outlier scientists in part 3.

So Lance, when it comes to silenced scientists:

What about those people in Honesty vs Policy, Part 3? What about the Bernice Eddy’s, the Tony Morris’s, and the fact that Sir Graham Wilson could never have written the book, “The Hazards of Immunisation” had it not been for the Director of Wellcome's Physiological Research Laboratory, who handed him a large set of documents on his deathbed? You think those people don't exist either? Go have a listen to the the doctors interviewed by the VAXXED bus. They all talk about their many colleagues who don’t like vaccines, but are silenced, threatened and bribed. What about Dr Humphries? Do you think there was no attempt to silence and harass her? 

All these doctors can’t all be wrong. Better still, even though we know, and you’ve confessed that you don’t read books, perhaps you might make the effort to read “Rising from the Dead”.     

Then you might discover why doctors are silenced, and why some rise from the dead. Not that it’s likely that you would rise from the dead. Because you speak before you think or research, your mana and personal pride is now locked up in the words continually spouting from your mouth.

Your next comment:

"Partly due"?  Hedging your bets? No Lance. Ask any teacher on the cusp of retiring after a 45 year career of teaching. They will tell you that autism today, is NOTHING LIKE what was previously put under the term of “intellectual disability”. Ask any doctor past retirement and they will tell you that “intellectual disability” is nothing like what we are seeing in children today.  What teachers are seeing today, is more akin to functional and intellectual death.

Then you say:

Early childhood infections Lance? Ummmm… do you mean… INFLAMMATION? Has it occurred to you that because of adjuvants, vaccines hit the immune system of some people in different ways, but just as hard, if not harder than an infection? Congratulations though. You are one up on Paul Offit, Lance, admitting to brain changes, but what you fail to notice is that those changes are actually inflammation, and if or when that inflammation happens in utero, everyone knows it from the start, because the baby starts life in regressed mode. As to your suggestion that there is a genetic component you’re trying to shift the goal posts. It’s either epigenetic or genetic, Lance. Which do you think? Every time someone tries to prove “it’s this gene”, they fall flat on their faces.  In the face of clear evidence?  No.  In the face of the same sort of Merky evidence that saw Vioxx which was similarly polluted with jacked up data and a galaxy of conflicts of interest, survive its full patent period.  It is amazing how regularly medical journals write editorials about the myriad of shortcoming in peer-reviewed science, while the sacred cow of vaccine research glows under a get-home-free card.

Next comment:

Actually the complete insult isn’t caused by the parent, who is bullied into vaccinating their child by dictators like you, who do not provide fully informed consent. The person who bullied parents into vaccinating and helped create a chronic inflammatory disorder is the PERSON who is responsible for creating an inflammation in that baby that could have been prevented.

You can argue as does Gregory Poland, that the pregnancy flu vaccine prevents the strong inflammation from the flu that can theoretically cause autism. The problem is that influenza infection only creates strong inflammation in a FEW people who catch it. The vast majority of people who get the flu often don’t even know they have had it. Yes, that is in the medical literature. But if you say that, then Gregory Poland, and you, might have missed one thing: ONLY a tiny minority of pregnant women will ever get the flu in the winter. You know what SHIVERS is, right? It's an influenza research programme funded primarily by USA's CDC. Poke around and you will see that only a tiny percentage of the people thought to have flu, actually get flu types which match the vaccine. 

Ironically then, you tell us that it's a fantastic idea to vaccinate every pregnant woman, every pregnancy, all year around, with the potential to cause varying degrees of inflammation in every vaccinated pregnant woman. Given that most pregnant women would never have got the flu anyway, how is vaccinating every pregnant mother a rational decision? And what happens when you toss aluminium from the obligatory Tdap vaccine that same woman is coerced into getting with every pregnancy — along with the flu shot?

You can't even assure at-risk obese people that the flu vaccine will give them any protection, since Neidich has found that, "Despite robust serological responses, vaccinated obese adults are twice as likely to develop influenza and influenza-like illness compared to healthy weight adults. This finding challenges the current standard for correlates of protection, suggesting use of antibody titers to determine vaccine effectiveness in an obese population may provide misleading information." 

The DOCTOR who did the core work behind the theory of in-utero inflammation, Dr Patterson, specifically said that vaccination in pregnancy could be equally as dangerous in any mother who also responded to the vaccine with strong inflammation. Some do, some don’t. And you should also know that because the flu vaccine makes some people more susceptible to other viruses, those OTHER viruses can also cause severe inflammation in people who don’t respond well to them either. And IF a flu vaccine can cause strong inflammation in some mothers which it can   that could also affect the baby.

Vaccinating a pregnant mother is simply another form of Russian roulette, which Patterson advised against, because strong inflammation after a vaccine can also affect the baby.  But Dr Patterson was just another 'outlier' who didn't fit the dogma . . . who, fortunately for vaccine stakeholders, died of cancer before he became outspoken enough to stop that sherman tank on autopilot.

This load of fake bait, had me laughing for hours, Lance. How indignant you sound! Didn't you know that court cases forcing Merck to pay out for death and disability from the drug Vioxx, nearly broke the back of Merck?  What did Merck look to, to Help Pay for Vioxx?  HPV.  In 2006 Dr Philip Broker, the HPV guru, said this at about Gardasil, at a meeting:

A vaccine isn’t the foundation and saviour of a company facing court actions against a drug, if the income from vaccines is a drop in the ocean, and it is all the drugs that keep them afloat financially. Vaccines are a HUGE $take in the ground, and trying to beat that fact into dust, Lance, defies what anyone can find from the business mouthpieces themselves on… yes…. DR GOOGLE.

But on a more serious note, my favourite myth buster website is FIERCEPHARMA. There you discover that because profits from meds are falling so short, vaccines are bigpharma’s saviour. You discover how many millions Gardasil earns for Merck. You discover how badly Pfizer will feel now that their NZ Prevenar 13 contract has been chopped. You realize how one minute, the Swine flu vaccine is lucrative, then five years later, narcolepsy from the vaccine, threatens the company’s reputation and future profits. Oh yes, vaccines are all about big money. As for you Lance, what are you doing about lifestyle excesses? Just carry on prescribing these drugs you say are so profitable?

Then comes your lowest  blow, where you say:

Well done Lance. I can hear another haka . . . while Lance . . .  drops the ball yet again . . . instead playing the MAN, then the conspiracy, then the WOMAN, then THE RACE CARD, topping it all off with the filthy lucre icing!  Even managed to mention politics!

Trump? . . .  What's that they said about Trump? Sexist, rhetoric, rigged elections, misogynist, racist . . the list goes on . . .? Your own regular media circus road show scripts, do indeed give the nod to the tactics from the new monkey see, monkey do Ministry of Health psychology manual, describing shooting the messenger while NOT discussing science.

Then you say:

Actually, that F grade is right on your doorstep Lance.

All you and your colleagues seem to care about is needling kids. You don’t really care about the things you SAY matter, like tight families, good housing, breastfeeding, not smoking, not boozing, great nutrition, reducing drug use, high standards of ethical behaviour, etc . . .

The only ethical behaviour you want to talk about, is that everyone should  be made to vaccinate themselves, or their children for someone else’s sake. You don't want or even care about informed consent, or personal choice! What do you say to anyone who has been vaccine injured, just to supposedly protect the too young, your patients who are immune compromised from the drugs you prescribe, and the elderly? Or will you tell me, you've never seen a single vaccine side effect? 

The reality is that persuading people to improve their lifestyle choices is in the doctor’s 'too-hard' basket. It takes too much time. There is no ten minute quick-buck-turn-around while educating people . . .  is there . . . Lance?  You want to redeem yourself? Then stop doling out lifestyle drugs, and get the basics of numbers one to four sorted out in your community.

Because guess what.

People like me who actively, intelligently CHOOSE NOT to vaccinate ourselves and our children, have made Numbers 1 – 4 our compulsory lifestyle, as described here in "Hands off my family". The people who REALLY get the basics right voluntarily in this country, are the educated, well-read parents of all races, whose children rarely see a doctor, and who you disparage, instead of 'playing the ball'.  We actively CHOOSE not to vaccinate BECAUSE of the science.  We actively CHOOSE our lifestyles, because we play the ball, Lance. We are not the chronically sick, fully vaccinated people who line the corridors of hospitals and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars, nor are we running around constantly spreading diseases on everyone else. 

I challenge your ignorance, and your right to demand compulsion by playing people, conspiracy and race CARDS, instead of promoting fact-based decision making.

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Blaming Muggins

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part One: Words from Memory Lane.  

Part Two: Who controls the rhetoric? 

Part Three: The name of the game. 

Part Four: The get out of jail card. 

As I look at young mothers today, I see a generation who, like never before, have been so saturated with medical nocebo in school, ....  that fear and stress is often etched on their faces at the mention of the word “doctor”. They have been artfully brainwashed. You just have to read some of the things they say on facebook and twitter to realise that when it comes to fact, if you look in the right ear, you might see out the left. They are so frightened, that as this video so clearly shows, that FEAR switches off their critical faculties, and the word “expert” holds them in a blinded thrall.  Continue Reading

Part Two: Astounding Hypocrisy – ingestion and injection.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Part One is here....       While the mainstream media is crawling all over the meningitis outbreak stemming from fungus contaminated steroidal injections, and blame is focused on lack of regulation controlling small compounding pharmacies, the medical system chooses to ignore bigger issues than their current simplistic red herrings.

The issue which should be being discussed, is the difference between ingestion, and injection, and why a contaminant, can cause problems in a body not normally seen in the real world.

No-one is asking why it is that the the medical profession’s “bread and butter” for pain is either steroid injections, or pain killing drugs which vastly increase the rate of necrotising fasciitis?  Why is treatment for pain so.. barbaric?

Common fungus - when ingested - is rarely a problem. When injected with steroid to shut down the immune system and therefore stop pain..., it can take on a whole new dimension. 

The fact is that vaccines can have contaminants in them, which we just might not know about, like bacteria, viruses and other ingredients considered by the medical system to be safe. Even... DNA!!!  The book picture below, was written in 1967 (with such an innocent title), and detailed what was known in that year, about culture contamination in live virus vaccines. Never mind the killed vaccines, which the medical literature states are also often contaminated.

Just think of the size of the encyclopedia, if they were to detail contamination in all vaccines before and after the Lubeck incident ?!!!

Vaccine contamination is occasionally admitted, usually by highlighting minor selective sins - like whatever the burned plastic wrap was, that was found by the FDA in the Gardasil vaccine. “Just an easily fixed systems error, don’t you know.”

“Contaminants” which are injected in either drugs or vaccines, can affect the body very differently to those same “contaminants” when they are found on the skin or in the gut.

What do vaccine contaminants do? What about DNA? What about aluminium? There are lots of medical articles now being published, sounding the alarm about aluminium in vaccines, but the medical system defaults to its routine dogma which says: “You “eat” aluminium, so it’s safe to inject it and the body just expels it from the body really fast.” Their own medical literature has stated for 11 years, that aluminium in vaccines is a significant contributor to the body burden (Yokel McNamara 2001) , because unlike “ingested” aluminium, the body absorbs injected aluminium into organs and bones.

Who is right? The medical literature or the medical system? What else, does the medical system not know, or admit to?

Years ago, we also heard that,Squalene can be eaten, so there’s nothing wrong with injecting it as a vaccine adjuvant.” Really?

The USA meningitis outbreak from fungally contaminated steroid injections, graphically illustrates that something “injected” can create havoc in the body in a way which rarely happens in the normal world.   

Significantly, the CDC is frantically running around looking for answers to fungal disease caused by contaminated steroid injections…, all in the name of “saving lives”, (15 deaths 231 cases) while criminal investigators from FDA comb the premises of the pharmacy!!

The media meticulously details a frantic CDC accurately tracking the number of the dead, the affected, and the minute details of the state of their health, ....just the same way as they tracked survivors and victims of the swine flu.

Yet, can the CDC or the FDA tell us how many girls have suffered side effects from Gardasil, or even give us a half-baked analysis of the course of any of the clinical problems in the victimsGoodness me, that's asking a bit much don't you think?  What we see is…

All around the world, girls,– like the latest Gardasil casualty - are keeling over after Gardasil or Cervarix, and having their lives ruined, …..

..... while ... the CDC and FDA have no accurate Gardasil reaction numbers, no clues, no ideas, haven't sent the FDA crim squad into Merck...and just... DO ....nothing.  

On the one hand, the CDC has this "Oh-so-concerned-and-meticulous" expose of contaminated steroid injections, and make great noise about investigating some piddly compounding pharmacy,   Yet.. they cosy up to Merck, and refuse to even investigate the findings of L1 HPV genetically engineered DNA in the Gardasil vaccine – which according to Merck’s patent number 6,602,697, is a listed contaminant, and shouldn’t be there!

When confronted with this proof of contamination, the CDC and FDA simply patted Merck on the back and re-wrote the Gardasil script  saying that they had always known there was HPVDNA in Gardasil, as an "expected ingredients" and ,- it's perfectly safe - and all Gardasil reactions are "coincidental"....., pass the bean dip.... Yawn.

FACT: Neither CDC nor FDA, can produce documentary evidence from Merck’s licensing application detailed this “expected” DNA.

FACT: Neither CDC nor FDA, can produce testing results detailing quantity of this "expected" L1 HPV DNA per vaccine dose.

FACT: Neither CDC nor FDA, can produce testing results showing that this “expected ingredient” has been demonstrated to be safe. 

FACT: Neither  CDC or FDA can explain why they allowed Merck’s datasheets to state “no DNA”,

FACT: Neither CDC or FDA can explain why the ingredient list does NOT state a quantity of this “expected” DNA, when all other ingredients in the patent are quantified and listed.

If the genetically engineered DNA in Gardasil is "expected" by the FDA and CDC..., then all the facts above are highly irregular. 

As to Gardasil and Cervarix child casualties….? .... CDC doesn’t appear to show any concern.  Their inaction reminds me of a statement in the Friday 1 June 1984 Federal Regulations, page 23007, regarding failures in polio testing, which reads:

“any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives.”

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the CDC is following a long term, well worn programme of vigilantly protecting worldwide vaccine manufacturing corporates involved in potentially vaccinating every single baby, child, adolescent, man, woman and the elderly.

Diligent head counting, and finding a "cure" for some fungus infected people... - fighting the good fight - creates the IMPRESSION  in the public's mind, that that the FDA and CDC always conscientiously protect the public from everything..., including vaccines. 

All I can say is, .... on all counts ... … what   blatant ….. in your face....  hypocrisy. Continue Reading

Whooping cough and chameleons.

Hilary Butler - Saturday, August 18, 2012

Following on from the medieval war of words on measles......., lies, emotional blackmail, weasel words and chameleon science is also being purveyed in the whooping cough battle.

Starting with the most obvious, is Vaccinet’s trumpeting headline about a Washington whooping cough outbreak recently that: "Anti-vaccine movement causes the worst whooping cough epidemic in 70 years."  Meanwhile other provaccine sites –while taking the line that everyone should have their pertussis shots with breakfast, no matter what age – at least have the decency not to lie in the text, even if the videos are outright blackmail.  Who in their right mind would leave a baby coughing, on their backs?. The medical profession says, about the Washington outbreak, that:  Continue Reading

New Zealand Herald's usual Flu propaganda

Hilary Butler - Saturday, July 21, 2012

Today, the Herald printed it's usual annual flu propaganda (I've removed the URL) and a private email to the reporters who put their names to it, was returned. The Herald doesn't allow enough words on the comment facility to deal with the issues, and they only want videos or photos, not facts. Therefore, this blog will address the issues.

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TB "A vaccine blueprint"

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This week's "The Science" contains an opinion piece on future vaccines for TB which deserves a historic comment.  The title of the article "Opinion: A TB vaccine blueprint" isn't likely to make headlines in the lay media for pretty obvious but unstated reasons.  They relate to the fact that most parents today, are under the "illusion" that the great white plague was vanquished by the old BCG vaccine used since 1950 in many countries.

In fact, the BCG has done nothing of the sort.  One of the most notable" features" of the BCG vaccine, other than the fact that it's pretty much a useless vaccine, is the fact that the USA has never used the vaccine. 

How many of you knew that?

Here's another fact.  TB declined in USA at the same rate as it declined in the countries which used BCG.

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Does the plot thicken?

Hilary Butler - Friday, September 02, 2011

On 29th August, I wrote a blog about a blog discussing a doctor in Sweden who found arsenic in the Swine Flu vaccine.  An astute reader reminded me of a 2009 finding, reported in Science Daily (pdf) informing readers that arsenic exposure, compromised the immune system when it came to swine flu:

"The ability to mount an immune response to influenza A (H1N1) infection is significantly compromised by a low level of arsenic exposure that commonly occurs through drinking contaminated well water, scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Dartmouth Medical School have found.
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Getting to the Point.

Hilary Butler - Monday, July 04, 2011

Perhaps this Australian documentary should have been labelled...

Totally missing the point. Or .. A bunch of Lies.  Take your pick.

The Australian 60 Minutes journalist who had the responsibility for doing the research for this programme, is professionally incompetent.

You will not understand this blog unless you take the time to download all the full text medical articles, tables, graphs etc in this blog, and study for yourself what a 60 minutes journalist refused to look at.  Or .... chose not to.

The increase in pertussis has nothing to do with the unvaccinated at all.  It's all happening because doctors in Australia have finally woken up to the fact that pertussis can happen in vaccinated people and are testing for it.

The reason all the old studies over-estimated pertussis vaccine efficacy was, as Cherry said in a 1998 medical article, that doctors believe that vaccinated people never got pertussis, so they never diagnosed it.  SIMPLE.  Pertussis after a vaccine was coincidence and something else.   According to Dempsey 2009, that situation still exists in USA today. 

As to the Australian whole cell whooping cough vaccine, it was implemented solely on the basis of trust, because as CDI admitted in 1994, there were NEVER any efficacy tests done on it, and there were no "serological correlates" or tests to prove immunity, for them to use as a basis of discussion anyway. 

Wonder what the Australian public would have said back then, if some doc had said, "We don't know if this works, because we don't know how to test for immunity to pertussis, but we assume this bright idea is a good one."

The Australian CDI went one further in 1997, and admitted that they ALSO... didn't collect data on the vaccination status of whooping cough cases either.  Continue Reading

A few voices are waking up to the fact that...

Hilary Butler - Saturday, May 28, 2011

.... that aluminium in vaccines just might not be all it's cracked up to be. Will your child be next?  What will it take for parents to start to realise that the line they are being sold - that vaccines are perfectly safe, and wonderful...is basically "lies by omission"? The medical system can't say they don't know.  All the evidence has been there for decades.  Parents need to understand the concept of "willful ignorance", because that's the fundamental core of the Vaccine Industry, and those who are in their pay - even if they feebly protest that they are not - even if they say that all they care about is healthy children.  This is the problem... willful... hidebound ... head in the: Continue Reading

It's all about money.

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Currently, there is considerable discussion relating to whether or not rodent viruses might be involved in CFS.  You will find three full text medical papers here. Obviously, we’ve always lived with mice, and Florence Nightingale had CFS, according to historical records. However, never .... since the invention of the syringe, and scientists brewing up drugs on animal cultures ... have so many people, being treated in so many different areas of medicine, had so many different animal endogenous viruses injected into them, one way or another, whether monoclonal antibodies, or whatever. And we all know, from medical literature that apart from vaccines, the majority of these patients in the past, were seriously immunosuppressed. We also know, that these immunosuppressed people excrete huge quantities of viruses into the environment, multiplying the opportunity of sharing with everyone else, their pathogenic loads.  Continue Reading