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Romans 12:2

How a baby fights infection and develops the immune system

Hilary Butler - Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The main and unique intermediary step between a NON-INFLAMMATORY phenotype, which is the default setting in pregnancy and for all baby mammals -  and a more individually competent educated immune system better able to handle the world's dangers and challenges.... is breast milk.

The prime directives programmed into breast milk in the first two years - apart from "food"...  ARE:

1) To reinforce and control a good balance of gut flora which help block out disease causing pathogens, whether bacteria like Hib, and Pneumococcus or virusis like Measles and Rotavirus..

2) To maintain, TEACH and regulate the immune system and to MAKE SURE that the prime directive is REDUCTION OF ALL INFLAMMATORY processes, and ASTHMA or ALLERGY producing markers. The reason for this is to learn to distinguish "self" from an "outside" pathogenic antigen.

3) To patrol the body for cancer and nuke anything multiplying incorrectly, with a molecule called HAMLET.

4) To optimise bone density, and other hormone or enzyme pathways.

5) To supply stem cells, so that in the event of something going seriously wrong, those stem cells help the body to self-heal.

6) To provide the baby with ready made immediate and long term T-cells for the baby to use, which the baby immune system isn't "primed" to make for itself.

7) To prevent the development of future disease chronicity.

As this article says, "Human milk is the richest known source of such immunomodulation and protection."

So it’s no surprise that Il-1B and TNFa along with other inflammatory cytokines are not going to be produced in a baby whose core prime directive is to PREVENT AND REDUCE INFLAMMATION AT ALL COSTS.  Babies are not supposed TO RESPOND to any bacterial diseases, because the baby gets protection from toxin mediated diseases, by neutralizing toxins with gangliosides from the mother’s breast milk.

The reinforcement patterning from breast milk, is ... to continue suppressing inflammation, preventing coeliac disease, creating good neuronal development, which determines a child’s future - not just in terms of babies being brighter, but also in terms of children not having future behavioural problems and adolescent depression. Breast milk has a key impact on the pituitary gland, which in turn enhances the ability to handle stress, long term.

NOTE: Children who eat junk food, negate the effect of their mother's breast milk to prevent allergy.

The financial costs of NOT breastfeeding to society and individuals, both short and long term, are staggering.

At and after birth, neonates are in a period of transition where they are exposed to a barrage of antigens in the mouth, and lungs. Injecting antigens at this critical time, and claiming that they, “do nothing to the immune system compared with the numbers of natural antigens....” makes no sense whatsoever, and is certainly not supported by their own medical literature.

In order to adjust to the world appropriately, not only is a “non-inflammatory phenotype” critical, but breast milk is also essential to protect the baby from toxin-mediated and other diseases while the immune system develops appropriately.

But here’s another key to the story.

Up until recently, the brain and the immune system were considered to be two separate entities. While Il-1B and TNFa are part of the active immune system process in adults, what was NOT considered in this equation, is that they are also key components in remodeling neuronal pathways in the brain in babies, so if you trigger them at a crucial time when neuronal connections are being built faster than the speed of light, you are seriously compromising the baby.

In September 2010, a medical article in Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience made some staggering admissions on the state of knowledge in this field:

"Although much progress has been made in the past 10 years in our appreciation that immune molecules play critical roles in the healthy brain, the large majority of immune molecules have not yet been studied for their presence and function in the brain.

 For the immune molecules that we know are important, almost nothing is understood about their mechanisms of action."

Astonishingly, the authors look everywhere, including pregnant mothers who - when they have even silent infections, release cytokines - to provide an explanation for the immunological insults they see in children with autism.  The authors hypothesize what might have triggered these immune molecules about which they know almost nothing, and point the finger at everything, except the white elephant in the room ... which are vaccines at this most critical time in babyhood, and now, vaccines during pregnancy.

Here is the UNMARKED article, and here is a copy with my notations and markings.

Just maybe, that’s why a baby is programmed to DOWN-regulate the inflammation part of the immune system, and not react to toxin-mediated diseases the way an adult does. 

So, the "risk" you take in upregulating inflammation provokers, just might be that a baby's brain won't work as smoothly. And it’s no fluke that breastmilk also has in it, unique compounds which help to programme a baby’s brain correctly.

The breastfed baby is still an extension of the mother in terms of immune programming and brain development. The breast fed baby is dependant on the mother’s breastmilk to switch on, and off specific genes – which will optimise that baby's future development programming, immune protection and appropriate recognition of “pathogen associated molecular patterns” (PAMPS) .

Breastmilk programming also appears to confer a degree of protection against Type 2 diabetes, and obesity later in life.

Breast milk also takes food antigens, inhaled pollens etc... from a mothers lungs and digestive tract, partners them with macrophages in the breastmilk, and directly presents them to a baby as a message saying, “These are safe”.

Breast milk, correctly teaches recognition of self, and definition of what is dangerous – the right way.

Summary: Breast milk's mission for at least two years, is to prevent as much inflammation in the body, as possible, to reduce the possibility of  serious infection, allergies and chronic disorders throughout life.



So what might happen when someone comes along with rafts of needles from birth, and repeatedly, chronically, forces a baby’s body to do something it’s NOT designed to do?


Part 3: Can vaccines become cranial and immunological cluster bombs?

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